• 15/08/2011

I had another map project a few years ago, but it would have needed some gameplay rework before going on. I put it on the downloads, so someone can make a map with it if he wants to.

I also release the source of my previous map Rock Eyes. Feel free to use and abuse :)

Have fun !

  • 30/06/2008

Beta 2 released !

It took some time, but here it is, Rock Eyes beta 2 !

The biggest part of the work is on the second part of the map : map size has been reduced, some paths added, objectives tweaked, bugs fixed. The etpro specific pk3 is also provided.

See you on the battlefield !

  • 10/05/2008

Whoops and whoops !

I removed the rockeyes_b1.sps sound script file just before releasing so that's why there is no environmental sounds in the map.

I also made a BIG error in the main rockeyes_b1.script. Spawn times should be 20 s. for Axis and 30 s. for Allies. It is 15 s. for Allies in the script at the moment :/

Anyway, thanks to all server admins that played the map on their server and to all feedback provided, many changes will be done for a beta 2, coming soon (I hope :) ).

The last word for today goes for TomTom who is providing FritzBot support for the map and a few changes via scripting. Thanks for your work ! See the links for further details.

  • 25/04/2008

Woohoo !

Day D, first release of my Enemy Territory map, Rock Eyes.
So it's beta 1.

You can see some screenshots here, and download the pk3 here.

I hope you'll enjoy !

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